The 120 Sculptures of the Beautiful Women Project

120 Sculptures Celebrating Reality ? 120 Stories Empowering Change

The Beautiful Women Project highlights the importance of comparing ourselves to what’s natural and real, while critically viewing the impact of social ideals. The Project endeavours to remind the world that naturally beautiful bodies come in all shapes and sizes, with lumps, bumps, and scars too! The foundation of the Beautiful Women Project is 120 life-size clay sculptures of real women aged 19-91, each decorated to reflect an aspect of their life journey. These 120 Sculptures have been exhibited 12 times across Ontario Canada. Now based in British Columbia, the Beautiful Women Project is looking for new places to exhibit in the near future.

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Experience all 120 clay sculptures below:

So unique. Real art with a message! Well worth my time. Thank you so much.
CNE Exhibit Guest

Wonderful unity of women’s bodies. Makes me more appreciative of my own.
H.T Gananoque

Wonder-filled stories. Thank you Cheryl-Ann for giving life and presence to these women’s stories.
CNE Exhibit Guest

Your art is amazing and very awakening.
Paula Kinsella

This was a very thought-provoking exhibit. I hope all who walk through realize that our bodies are just shells….it’s what’s inside that counts.

Cheryl-Ann, thank you for being such an open and generous conduit for all the wonderful lessons of all these beautiful women.
Gallery visitorSouthampton

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You truly have an insight into women’s nature.
Perry PeletierOakville

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