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PJ Chats Episode 4: Sharing Sisterhood Support

In this episode of PJ Chats I share the sofa with Author Laurie Ness Gordon, and Artist Nancy. In this 45 minute chat we discuss the importance of a sisterhood and about Sisterhood and how these lovely ladies supported me with my Beautiful...

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Day 19 in Canberra, Australia

Fairy Wrens are so fast I was thrilled to get these shots, I wish I had my laptop with me to compile them as one pic... then you would see how her twirled around for me!

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Some of the BWP Products


I bought ‘The Book’ and it sits on top of my dresser beside my full size mirror and it continues to remind me everyday that I AM BEAUTIFUL!
unsigned 3
‘The Book’ is filled with artfully disguised wisdom. It has helped all the recipients for which I bought it as a gift: a psychcologist in the UK who specializes in treatment for women with eating disorders, a teenager with a medical problem, my two daughters and my son in law. It was much appreciated. Thank you.
Jill Summerhayes, CambridgeON
I have just read ‘The Book’ from cover to cover absorbing every word.
unsigned 2
I was so impressed with the quality of these colouring books that I bought all my daughters a set too.
RSOttawa, ON
I got my copy of ‘The Book’ and I love it. Now I need another copy for my daughter and granddaughters.
I am so enjoying being creative with the colouring pages. I blend colours and smudge over the lines to create my own stories.
BBKingston, ON
My 4 yr old son loves his Beautiful  Women colouring book! He loves the patterns, shapes and challenge of filling each page with beautiful colours. I love that he is learning by osmosis that beautiful women come in all different shapes and sizes, with their own fascinating and unique stories. A great lesson at any age!
GWVictoria, BC
One of my most loved exhibitions is Cheryl Ann Webster’s “Beautiful Women Project”. Each of the 120 clay casts of women is exquisitely hand painted by Cheryl Ann. Now to my delight I can relive the Beautiful Women Project, through the series of 3 colouring books, Cheryl Ann has created. 40 creative designs in each book for a wonderful colouring and learning experience. I feel as though I am with these women, as I colour. Thank you, Cheryl Ann!
SFVictoria, BC
My 5 years old twin daughters look through your book ALL the time and it has created a visual for them confirming what my husband and I have always told them that is “everyone looks different under their clothes but we are all beautiful” that’s out of the mouth of my five year old babes! How exciting!
K. Frigault 2Kingston
The Beautiful Women Project touched every fibre of my being and now I get to add colour to those emotions with every stroke of my colouring pencil – bringing to life the feelings brought to the surface by the images and stories of the Beautiful Women Project.
Sarah EmeryKingston, ON
Cheryl-Ann captures the very heart of the sculptures in her creative drawings to honour each Beautiful Woman.

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